Bio Technology – Antifungal foot cream may help in eradicating HIV

In breakthrough news from Washington, scientists have discovered that a commonly used drug to treat foot fungus can help in eradicating HIV permanently in affected human. This drug known as Ciclopirox helps the affected cells in committing suicide by jamming the powerhouse of a cell called mitochondria.

The best part of this drug is that the virus does not recover once this drug is stopped. There are various drugs on HIV in the market but they are required to be taken over lifetime and they do not completely cure the HIV infection. As a result, when such drugs are stopped, the virus rebounds.


Human body cells have an ability to commit suicide when they get infected. This helps in avoiding the spread of infection to other uninfected cells. HIV virus is known to close the suicidal path for affected cells. However, this drug helps in blocking the function of mitochondria, the powerhouse of cells. This blocking of function of mitochondria reactivates the suicidal path of infected cells.

Since the affected cell itself dies, there is lesser chance of HIV infection rebounding back once the drug use is stopped by the patient.

In the study of results by researches, healthy cells remained unaffected and the virus did not come back once the Ciclopirox as removed.

This could revolutionize the treatment of HIV patients. This would avoid the need of expensive drugs to be taken for life.