After CFL and LED light now Nanolight LEDs to pull down your electricity bills

Earlier many years back, light bulbs and tube lights were the sources of light. They came in different brands. In millennium year CFL came into existence which replaced the old yellow incandescent bulbs. Soon CFL got popularity and is now used by most of the people. Soon after this some researchers found new source of light LED lamps which consumes minimum electricity.

The innovators still worked on finding more efficient and less electricity consuming light source. 3 friends Gimmy Chu, Tom Rodinger and Christian Yan from University of Toronto worked on the same and presented an unbelievable result. They invented the Nanolight Led which is claimed to be the world’s most efficient energy source. Three of them met each other at university during solar car project in year 2005. They decided to work on discovering new and efficient energy source and targeted to introduce 3 models of Nanolight in future. They aimed to raise the fund for the project through Kickstarter platform. The Kickstarter campaign has already crossed $20,000 goal and their backing is $241,000 which is thought to rise till the campaign ends.

Nanolight, LED based light bulb appears to be like a conceptual manifestation of normal luminous bulbs which smooth curvy surface by angled surface. The team of Nanolight creators revealed that the light loses very less energy as heat from its surface. In other words we could say the bulb appears to cool whenever touched. The Nanolight of 12 W produces the light equivalent to 100 W regular bulbs. In addition to this a 10 W NanoLight (75 W equivalent) and a 12 W NanoLight (1800+ Lumens) are also in the process. These3 models are available in 120V AC and 220-240V AC versions to be supplied at varoius geographic locations. The NanoLight trio has also obtained high demand for a gloomy version. The team has started working on such prototype model. Discussing about the cost, 100 W Nanolight will be around US$50 per unit. The light reckons to get a life of 30,000 hours.

The Nanolight LED is directly attached to PCB (Printed Circuit Board) that is folded to look like typical light bulb shape. Using SMT (surface mount technology) individual component is placed into predefined positions and will need a low temperature soldering method to safeguard components. Once the soldering of components is done then it is assembled into circuit board and deviated into its bulb shape. Finally it is screwed for base fitting which is the available option for now. It is a revolution for LED lighting technology.

This new cost effective and energy efficient light has some significant aspects. They are given below:

• Omnidirectional: Nanolight scatters light in all direction same as other light bulbs. This makes the light to reach in every nook and corner of the place and proffer excellent lighting experience.

• Instant On ability: same as other fluorescent lights, Nanolight achieves full brightness on the moment it is turned ON. The performance of the light remains unaffected by frequent switching between turn ON and OFF.

• Cool LED bulb: the trio designers have developed the bulb in such a way that the bulb looses negligible energy due to heating. Thus it is the coolest bulb by far.

• Safer in use: mostly CFL’s and LED lights have a problem of overheating which causes LED to start degrading before the expected time. Reason behind is the fixtures. These fully enclosed fixtures does not allow enough air flow and heat is trapped inside. This in turn causes overheating of bulbs. However the team doesnt assure that Nanolight will work same in all kind of fixtures but they declare that it emits less than half heat energy than traditional lights. The team aims to create such a Nanolight which has a long life span, thus they have enclosed an overheat protection as a standard feature of every bulb. If in case due to any reason, the Nanolight LED becomes too hot, it will automatically dim itself to prevent the degradation or damage of short life.

• Ultra bright and energy efficient: this the best alternative to all the environment lovers through which they can make their eco-friendly home or working place much brighter and more energy effective. It utilizes less energy and provides maximum light visible to human eye in comparison to any other light source present till date in market. The brightness of any bulb is counted in terms of lumens; which is a measure of the total visible light emitted by a source. NanoLight uses only 12 watts of electricity and generates over 1600 lumens, equivalent to a 100W luminous light-bulb. The NanoLight can operate at 133 lumens per watt which is nearly 200% better than any other light bulbs available by far.

• Eco-friendly: it has very less CO2 emissions which harms the environment in comparison to other light source. Thus it comes under green technology which will not harm the atmosphere.

All these features add stars to its manufacturing. If you have liked the concept you have to wait a bit to let Nanolight LED enter the market. Surely the future of the light is bright and will encourage people to use it.