Smartphone can result in eye disorder myopia

Smartphones have made our life easier. There are vast amount of apps which can do lot of things at the click of a button, which use to take hours or days earlier. But there are some negative aspects of smartphones. They cause problem of vision impairment. Dr Allamby revealed that smartphone regular usage has resulted in increase in number of cases of myopia (short sightedness) among young people. He warned the continued use of smartphone can result in increase in myopia cases in adult by 50%.

This happens because continuous looking of screen at the short distance keeps the genes that control myopia activated even beyond the age that short sightedness was historically supposed to be stabilized i.e. the age of 21. This is known as epigenetics.

The bigger risk is with small kids who start playing with smartphones at much early age. It is not uncommon to see even infants up to age of 3 years playing with screens of smartphones. The games like angry birds, temple run are played by kids and keep their eyes constantly glued to the screen. This can have harmful effect on their eyes.

myopic eye

It is specifically advised to take your eyes constantly taken off from the screen at intervals and one should avoid using nonstop use of smart phones for long period.